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About the company

Our company develops and maintains websites and creates applications for Android and iOS, as well as constantly learns the most advanced technologies (Apple Watch, Jibo, OculusRift, Arduino, Amazon Echo). We boldly state that we occupy a leading position in the ranking of development companies on the largest exchange of outsourcing services.

We are constantly looking for talented and qualified employees. Our company is developing dynamically and is interested in attracting both professionals and young beginners.

Our advantages

  • Career growth
    Any employee of our company who has passed the certification can climb the career ladder, starting his career as a junior specialist.
    You can plan your own career growth
  • English
    Most Onix-Systems customers are located in the United States and Europe, and good knowledge of English is required to work and communicate successfully with them.
    Special courses are organized for those who need to learn
  • Conferences
    Employees of the company receive a special compensation package for attending conferences (Odessa JS, Lviv IT Arena, Lviv Mobile Development Day, etc.)
    This is a chance to become a speaker, get inspired and find like-minded people
  • Free schedule
    Our employees, according to personal wishes, can adapt the eight-hour working day in the office to their life schedule, we do not have those who are late.
    You can choose the most effective working time for you
  • Infinite coffee
    For additional comfort in our office there are kitchens where you can always make a cup of coffee or tea, treat yourself to cookies and just have lunch.
    We take care of comfort and pleasant little things for our employees
  • Modern office
    Our company has a spacious office, and a comfortable individual workplace is organized for each employee to ensure maximum comfort.
    We provide you with excellent conditions for effective intellectual work
In our company appreciate:
  • Ability to understand and hear colleagues
  • Focus on results
  • Creativity and the pursuit of quality
  • Ability to work independently, but effectively
  • The ability to focus and diligently perform tasks
  • Understanding that "it is impossible to teach, it is only possible to learn"
We do not suit each other if:
  • Any difficulties for you are a reason to stop
  • You like to blame others for your failures and problems
  • You do not care in which company and which team to work
  • You can't study on your own, you count on strict control in this matter

How to join our team

  • We review the resulting resume, which indicates the skills in the area of work that interests you, and the test task.
  • We arrange an interview where we meet and discuss your technical knowledge and test task.
  • We welcome you to our company and you are taking your first step on the path to professional growth.
Our employees talk about working at Onix

Onix pleasantly surprised me. When I was still a student, I heard about the company so many times. It turned out to be so different from all stereotypical companies in the post-Soviet territory. Onix has destroyed many other stereotypes for me since I started to work here. From the very first day, Onix provided me with everything I needed for my work: tech, tea, and sweets.  

Since the day I joined Onix, I have had a lot of interesting experiences: OnixTV, TownHalls, breakfasts for newcomers with the CEO, Onix Connect, etc.

I am happy to be a part of the company 🙂

Dmitrii Melnik

Working at Onix is my dream job. The company’s policy is trust, loyalty, and open-mindedness. I appreciate the opportunity to work with seasoned professionals. It always fascinates me how the development team implements nearly every client’s wish. Sometimes you try to figure out the requirements for quite some time while the team has already figured it out and even done it!

Everyone who works at Onix can fulfill their need for self-development and self-improvement.

It is an opportunity to earn a decent wage for your hard nine-to-five work. It is a great place for meeting new people who can become your good friends. It is a comfortable office with the rest areas and lots of other benefits.

Olga Arkusha

I am very glad that one day I got to Onix. The company provides a wealth of experience and an opportunity for self-development. Every day you have new interesting tasks that only contribute to your development. When you are a part of this company, you really understand how much time the company devotes to the internal development of its employees, how many interesting goodies it comes up with – does everything to make you enjoy working here!

Oleksandra Moroz

I have been working in the company for a year, and I think this is enough for feedback and impressions share. I want to note the following points:1. Atmosphere, there is everything for comfortable work, from office conditions to social. If you need help, advice, or just chat about work, there is always someone for you. A comfortable chair? Not a problem here.2. Opportunities for professional growth. It doesn’t matter who you were when you joined the company. If you want to try something new, you are most welcome.3. Initiative, it is not punishable, but supported, that is not a common thing.4. People are an essential resource. Many of them are no longer just colleagues but excellent friends.

Maryna Pemakhova

I like working in ONIX because there are opportunities to develop in any direction you like. Here, from the initiative and work of different people, new areas of work grow, departments are opened and people come who want to improve the processes. Everyone is very friendly and willing to help.

Sergey Holin
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