Internship at Onix

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Sergey Holin

Ruby forever!

Andrey Dabich

All great!

Dmitriy Shchelko

The internship was very interesting. Initially, we studied the main points and immediately made assignments based on them. Then we moved on to work with the IPA and also received new tasks step by step, increasing their knowledge!

Yaroslav Minchenko

I think the learning process is very well structured, the topics went in such a way that each other topic was based on the previous one and supplemented it, in addition to the main topics, during the training, there was acquaintance with best practices of writing code and programming patterns.

Learned about new additional tools that help in the development and greatly facilitate it.

Pavel Yakun

Honestly, before the internship, I thought that we would come and they would throw some complicated things on us on the very first day and we would code in real time. But, as it turned out, we were smoothly moving from something small to something more complex. During my internship, I learned many new tools that I didn’t even know about before this course.

I got my first internship for myself, and even wherever I wanted, plus there was a very cool mentor on the course who helped prepare for the interview and spoke very coolly about each instrument at each lecture.

Denis Mokhno

The learning process was close to the working environment – specific tasks were given for which it was necessary to find a solution on their own. As for me, this kind of approach is the most correct when teaching programming.

Alexander Boyko

We gradually learned new things, which we then used in subsequent tasks, thanks to which we learned all the “material” well. The gradual exertion created a pleasant feeling of self-improvement. Not only did my internship expectations come true, but exceeded them! Thanks to her, I was able to learn more about REAL development, which helped and will help in the future to become a good web programmer / back-end developer.

Anatoly Vasiliev

The option of training, when an introductory information about the technology is given in the lesson, the expected results of the work are explained, and the process of studying and searching for information is completely carried out by the student, is the most correct. The ability to get advice from a teacher before the deadline for the assignment helps a lot. In my opinion, this approach maximally contributes to the implementation of self-study among students, and this will further help in the study of new technologies.