List of useful literature and resources

Common to all areas

S. McConnell The Perfect CODE.

E. Hunt, D. Thomas "Programmer - Pragmatist".

M. Fowler “Refactoring. Improving existing code.

H. Gamma "Design Templates".

M. Fowler "Architecture of Enterprise Software Applications".

T. Cormen "Algorithms: construction and analysis".


Erich Gamma. Techniques of object-oriented design. Design patterns.

Martin Fowler. Architecture of corporate software applications.

Martin Fowler. Refactoring. Improving existing code.


Davey Shafik, Ben Ramsey - Zend PHP 5 Certification Study Guide - second edition.

George Schlossneigl - Professional PHP programming.

J. Gosling «Java Language Specification».

D. Bloch "Java Effective Programming".

M. Stelting "Application of Java templates".

B. Eckel «Thinking in Java».

B. Eckel «Thinking in Enterprise Java».

B. Eckel «Thinking in Patterns».

M. Fowler "Refactoring".


Appress "Learn Objective-C on the Mac" - to learn the basics of Objective-C.

Apress "Beginning iPhone 3 Development" - for the basics of iPhone development.

Apple documentation.


R. Savin "Dot Com Testing, or Handbook on Bug Bugs in Internet Startups".

S. Kaner, D. Folk, E.K. Nguyen “Software Testing. Fundamental concepts of business application management ”.

R. Black “Key Testing Processes. Planning, preparation, implementation, improvement ”.

C. Kaner, J. Bach, B. Pettichord “Lessons Learned in Software Testing”.

R. Culbertson, K. Brown, G. Cobb "Rapid Testing".

L. Tamre "Introduction to Software Testing".


Mark Lutz. Python programming.


D. Crockford «JavaScript: The Good Parts Unearthing the Excellence in JavaScript».

S. Stefanov «JavaScript Patterns Build Better Applications with Coding and Design Patterns».

D. Flanagan «JavaScript. Detailed guide.


David A. Black: The Well Grounded Rubyist (3rd Edition)

Russ Olsen: Eloquent Ruby

Sandi Metz: Practical Object Oriented Design in Ruby (2nd Edition)

Sandi Metz & Katrina Owen: 99 Bottles of OOP

Russ Olsen: Design Patterns in Ruby

Noel Rappin: Rails 5 Test Prescriptions

Myron Marston & Ian Dees: Effective Testing with RSpec 3

Project Management (PM)

IT Career: Project Manager